Hey FFF i was reading this inuyasha fanfic and we get to ask questions to the charaters and i was wondering since its 20 questions u can do 10 questions and i do 10. here are mine:

1. Inuyasha: can i touch your ears?

2. Inuyasha: Can i be your little sister?

3. Rin: Why you so CUTE?

4. Sesshromu: is Rin like the little sister you never had?

5. Jaken: Why do you not like Rin? she is the defnation of Cute!

6. Kagome: do you like inuyasha?

7. Kagome: can you sit inuyasha for me?

8. Naruku: WHY YOU SO STUPID????

9. Naruku: Ever meet someone named the Lich?

10. Everyone: Ever seen a penguin give birth to a Kitten?


FFF's questions

1.Naruku: seriously. What kind of person gets disguised as a baboon? Its just weird man.

2. Inuyasha: if could only save ethier kagome or kikkyo who would you save?