So i have some ideas for this wiki. Here they are:

How to make this wiki more popular

So we all know the blogs have not worked out too well. Also, your not allowed to promote other wikis on chat. so here are some ideas:

  1. Go tell your friends to make wiki accounts and come here.
  2. There are some wikis that will allow you to promote other wikis. So try doing that. If they tell you it's not allowed, don't question it. You don't want to get banned.
  3. If none of these work, try the blog idea again. It wouldn't hurt to try again.

More things we need to add to this wiki

Let's say more people come to this wiki, which they will eventually. When they come, what do you think will happen when they see we have 2 pictures and no new emoticons? So here is some things we need to add to make the people stay interested:

  1. Add more pictures. We will all work together to add more pictures. (nothing with any curses or anything inapropriate).
  2. Add more emoticons. We all agreed to have pokemon emoticons but we also need more than that. What if some people don't like pokemon? That's why we need something more. Something that appeals to everyone.
  3. Add more blogs. This wiki is all about blogs. So that's why we need more!
  4. Add more pages. Yes, this wiki is mostly blogs. But all wikis have pages. So let's make some pages!

So that's all the ideas i have so far!

I will edit this blog when i have more ideas! I hope you like what i have so far!