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Welcome to the The Max WikiEdit

This about crazy, random stuff and other things. Just very random!

Update: Marshall Lee the Vampire King is now admin! Zorua and I are co-admins. Stanley the 2nd is still banned.

Brace this Wiki! SCAM leader is back! Be prepared!

Another Update: FinnfionnaFan321 is now an admin!

The Max Wiki is Awesome!Edit

A place for trolls, random people, and just stupid people (in a funny way!). Just do random stuff! No vandlism, please! All pages must be approved by me. If not, then you get three warnings! After that you will get BANNED! But try to have fun! More to come! Everyone is welcome (EXCEPT: SPAM leader, Stanley the 2nd and Sir Trolly McTrollstine)!

These are the rules:

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