• Webberlover


    April 22, 2012 by Webberlover

    Hey i'm writing this story and i was wondering if anyone on here is good at drawing and if so could you do a couple drawings for me? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Webberlover

    Hey FFF i was reading this inuyasha fanfic and we get to ask questions to the charaters and i was wondering since its 20 questions u can do 10 questions and i do 10. here are mine:

    1. Inuyasha: can i touch your ears?

    2. Inuyasha: Can i be your little sister?

    3. Rin: Why you so CUTE?

    4. Sesshromu: is Rin like the little sister you never had?

    5. Jaken: Why do you not like Rin? she is the defnation of Cute!

    6. Kagome: do you like inuyasha?

    7. Kagome: can you sit inuyasha for me?

    8. Naruku: WHY YOU SO STUPID????

    9. Naruku: Ever meet someone named the Lich?

    10. Everyone: Ever seen a penguin give birth to a Kitten?

    AWESOME RIGHT!!!!???

    FFF's questions

    1.Naruku: seriously. What kind of person gets disguised as a baboon? Its just weird man.

    2. Inuyasha: if coul…

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  • Webberlover

    Zoura Worship Blog

    April 11, 2012 by Webberlover

    This is the blog to worship Zoura DO IT!!!!!!!

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  • Pancake Pancake Pancake
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  • Finnfionnafan321

    So i have some ideas for this wiki. Here they are:

    So we all know the blogs have not worked out too well. Also, your not allowed to promote other wikis on chat. so here are some ideas:

    1. Go tell your friends to make wiki accounts and come here.
    2. There are some wikis that will allow you to promote other wikis. So try doing that. If they tell you it's not allowed, don't question it. You don't want to get banned.
    3. If none of these work, try the blog idea again. It wouldn't hurt to try again.

    Let's say more people come to this wiki, which they will eventually. When they come, what do you think will happen when they see we have 2 pictures and no new emoticons? So here is some things we need to add to make the people stay interested:

    1. Add more pictures. We…

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  • Webberlover

    User list

    April 3, 2012 by Webberlover

    This is the big book of users i post all the names of the users on here (more to be added) :

    Me (Webberlover or Max or Web)

    Marshall lee the vampire king (Marshall)

    Finn fionna fan 321 (FFF)

    Templar Agent (Agent)

    Marshall lee's bloody fangs (Bloody Fangs)

    Me- Mow (Meow)

    Adventure King 1 (AK1)

    Duncan Fan 2000 (Duncan)

    Sparda424 (sparda)

    Pancake Pancake Pancake ( do i even have to say it XD )

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  • Webberlover

    when im on chat

    April 3, 2012 by Webberlover

    so these are the time im on chat

    Monday: right after adventure time @ 7:00 PM

    Tuesday: @ 6:00 PM

    Wednesday: NOT ON!!!!!

    Thursday: @6:00 PM

    Friday: @ 8:00 PM can talk all night if you want

    Saturday @ 10:00 AM take a brake @12:00 PM then back @ 12:30 PM

    Sunday: @ 12:00 PM

    i'll post in comments if anything changes

    Your friend MAX

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  • Finnfionnafan321

    hey hey hey! i am finnfionnafan 321! (fff,fff321,or 3f). I am a COMPLETLY RANDOM PERSON! here is stuff u should know about me:

    • im random (no duh)
    • i hatched out of a cabbage
    • i like waffles and pie (apple pie!)
    • i love video games
    • i love my computer (hugs computer XD)
    • i love pokemon (hugs random pokemon that appeared out of nowhere XD)
    • i love AT
    • i think twighlight ruined vampires

    For all u twighlight fans out there just admit it.Twighlight ruined vampires and know it!

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  • Webberlover

    My youtube channel

    March 31, 2012 by Webberlover

    This is the channel that tiny titans is gonna air!



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  • Webberlover

    Ok so these are the rules:

    1. All pages must be approve by me or Marshall lee (we don't want a lot of pointless stuff on here.)

    2. no spammers please! But trolls are awesome!

    3. no hate pages please unless its about spongebob winning to many KCA's then i'm all for it

    4. the following people are banned Stanley the 2nd and SCAM leader and Sir Trolly McTrollstein


    6. Don't disrespect Marshall lee, me, or Zoura espically Zoura!

    7. if you are a user on this wiki you need to make page that is not your user page


    I wil rule you all mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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